Our amber business

Even with how much you are meditating, you cannot live off inspiration and blue air alone. Money is needed also. There must be bread on the table, clothes, gasoline for the car, building materials, etc., etc. In the beginning, we first tried with the granite business. It was without a doubt interesting with the many kinds of beautiful granite, but it was heavy business. We had to go to Russia and buy it. So, under tremendous adventures in the 90’s, right after the collapse of The Soviet Empire, we started to export granite from Russia to Denmark

It was extremely cheap in those days and was bought from economically collapsed granite companies, or granite mines, deep inside Russia. But although the granite business was exciting and interesting, it was as before mentioned, too heavy. You had to drink vodka with the Russians. No vodka, no business. The granite had to be transported all the way to Klaipeda by railway. And on top of that, it also had to be sailed across the Baltic sea, often under terrible storms, to Bornholm, a Danish island. So, the granite business was not suitable for a meditative life. By chance, we learned that the amber business was much more suitable for our Ashrama life in Lithuania. The amber was extremely cheap in those days, so every spring I went to Denmark and sold amber. A business we have developed and kept up to today