Indian Tours


In the long cold Lithuanian winters, we have the possibility to arrange exciting Indian tours to our jungle Ashrama in the highland of Coorg in South India. As the Ashram lies in the jungle highland, the temperature due to fresh breezes is pleasant and not too hot. Besides the ticket and insurance expenses, the tours are free. The food expenses we are sharing. The tour, with the pleasant climate, the jungle highland, the exotic food and fruits, was really charming. In between our daily yoga program with meditations, hatha yoga, and study group, there was also time for exciting excursions to different temples, holy places, etc. Here are some pictures of our last tour to India:

No doubt India is a kind of culture shock (but really a positive and exciting one) compared to our ordinary Lithuanian lifestyle. Though India is not at its spiritual peak, like in the olden days, it is still the motherland of religion and spirituality and you can feel the spirituality is lingering in the air when you visit. Where all the other great cultures, the Egyptian, the Babylonian, the Greek, and the Roman culture faded, the Indian culture has survived up to even today, keeping their cultural and spiritual values alive.